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Enrollment Solutions Designed by a Council of Your Industry Peers

The EnrollmentPlus system has been designed through direct input from an Advisory Council of industry experts from leading Insurance Carriers and Benefit Administrators. We have built a system with purpose to ensure it meets the needs of those who actually use it day in and day out.

Powerful Business Intelligence

EnrollmentPlus' integrated reporting and analytics capabilities help you to understand the health of your enrollment business with the click of a mouse. By capturing every aspect of the enrollment life-cycle, we give you the tools to track and understand your:

  • Enrollment Vendor’s Performance
  • Enrollment Errors by Category
  • Enrollment Trends over Time
  • Group On-boarding Trends
  • And Much More…
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Keep Your Data Clean

A highly configurable Rules Engine helps you catch enrollment errors closer to the source. Each and every enrollment is validated for compliance against HIPAA, Group, Plan and your organization’s specific rules before they are sent to you which keeps your costs down and your enrollment cycle moving smoothly.

  • Rules are easy to customize to meet your specific business requirements: robust for today’s needs and scalable for tomorrow’s.
  • Good enrollments are passed to you while errors are held, meaning you get 100% clean information in every file.
  • Simplifies the mapping and implementation process for your Enrollment Vendors.
  • Allows Enrollment Vendors to self-test enrollment files to ensure high quality data.
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Self-Service Tools

Self-service tools help your Enrollment Partners to quickly identify enrollment issues, clearly understand the cause of the issue, and easily fix the problem so that you get clean files through each and every time.

  • Email alerts advise Enrollment Vendors to errors that require resolution.
  • Easy to understand and consistent error reporting makes it simple for Vendors to identify how to fix a problem with a specific enrollment file.
  • Work Queues help Enrollment Vendors prioritize their work efforts.
  • Enrollment Vendors have the flexibility to resubmit all of the enrollments within a file or only those specific enrollments that created an error.
  • Discrepancy reports help Enrollment Vendors to understand if they are missing enrollments for their population.
  • Enrollment Vendor specific reporting and analytics helps your Enrollment Vendors understand their performance and that of their Groups.
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Empower Your Sales & Implementation Staff

Complete and total visibility into the on-boarding status of new production Groups helps your Staff and your Enrollment Partners plan more effectively.

  • No more implementation black boxes – create a more supportive and collaborative environment with your Enrollment Vendors.
  • Use project resources more effectively by knowing exactly when and where to allocate them.
  • Improve your ability to project growth.
  • Improve your Enrollment Vendor relationships by improving Group on-boarding timelines.

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