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Enrollment Solutions Designed by a Council of Your Industry Peers

The EnrollmentPlus system has been designed through direct input from an Advisory Council of industry experts from leading Insurance Carriers and Benefit Administrators. We’ll have you up and running in no time with our extensive library of integrations to hundreds of Carriers for all of their benefit types including Life, LTD, STD, Health, Dental, Vision, Accident, 401(K), COBRA, FSA, HRA, HAS, HMO, PPO and other ancillary products.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Reporting and analytics tools within EnrollmentPlus help both you and your Employer Groups to understand the health of your enrollment business. We give you the reporting capabilities to dig into your enrollment data at every granularity so you can track and understand:

  • Enrollment Trends by Carrier
  • Enrollment Errors by Category
  • Enrollment Errors Trends
  • Life On-boarding Trends
  • Group On-boarding Trends
  • And Much More…
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Reduce Data Remediation Costs

Using the EnrollmentPlus' highly configurable Rules Engine, you and your Employer Groups can quickly identify enrollment issues, clearly understand the cause of the issue, and easily fix the problem so that you get clean files through each and every time.

  • Account structure details can be easily configured directly within the EnrollmentPlus interface.
  • Self-testing functions allow you to test enrollments thoroughly through the EnrollmentPlus Rules Engine prior to sending it to the Carrier.
  • View a complete history of every enrollment sent for an individual to know exactly what’s happened over time.
  • Email alerts advise both you and your individual Group Administrators to errors that require resolution.
  • Easy to understand and consistent error reporting makes it simple to identify how to fix a problem with a specific enrollment file.
  • Work Queues help to prioritize enrollment correction work efforts.
  • Resubmit all of the enrollments within a file or only those specific enrollments that created an error.
  • Discrepancy reports help you to understand if there are missing enrollments for your population.
  • Carrier error reports are displayed in a standardized, easy to understand format.

Reduce Your EDI Risk With Our Full Service Approach To Enrollment Processing

Our EDI and Enrollment Experts provide end-to-end full service solutions. We will work with you to determine your regulatory and integration requirements. Our SaaS based EnrollmentPlus service will get you up and running with integrations to hundreds of Carriers in no time.

  • You no longer need to build out your own costly EDI department.
  • No need to monitor, manage and support expensive infrastructure and costly integration technologies.
  • No need to develop a new EDI connection to each Carrier for each new Employer Group you on-board.
  • We provide mapping support for all electronic enrollment formats including but not limited to HIPAA 834 EDI, XML, CSV, and proprietary Carrier formats.
  • Our experts have configured our powerful Rules Engine with an expansive set of Carrier specific rules so that any enrollment errors are caught as early as possible.
  • SoftCare’s secure data transfer tools support the highest levels of security, encryption and authentication required by Carriers.
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Improved Customer Experience

Complete and total visibility into the on-boarding status of a new Group and their enrollment history helps to greatly improve customer satisfaction.

  • Create a more supportive and collaborative environment with your Employer Groups by letting them know where they are in the on-boarding process.
  • Improve your ability to project growth.
  • Improve your Employer Group relationships by improving enrollment on-boarding timelines.
  • Provide better customer support by knowing the exact status and history of an enrollment at any given time during the enrollment life-cycle.

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