Industry Enrollment Statistics

The insurance industry faces serious challenges. EnrollmentPlus can help!

5% 30%

Average number of electronic enrollments that require manual data remediation

10days 90 days

Average time it takes to setup a new Electronic Enrollment Connection

5min 72 hrs

Average length of time to correct an enrollment error

EDI as Easy as 1,2,3…4

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Take advantage of our library of Carrier Connections

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We configure your employer group in a day

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Send full or partial files depending on your system

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Thousands of rules help to ensure 100% clean enrollments

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Electronic Enrollments Done Right

See what EnrollmentPlus can do for you

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EnrollmentPlus for Benefit Administrators

Enroll electronically with all of your Carrier partners without the hassle of mapping

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EnrollmentPlus for Insurance Carriers

Renovate your EDI Strategy to help cut costs and on-boarding times

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Don't let EDI get in the way of your growth

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Carrier Solutions

Are you holding back your own growth? Offer your clients an easier way to electronically enroll into your plans using EnrollmentPlus' simple integration tools.

  • Rules based enrollment validations
  • Faster Group On-boarding
  • Easy to understand error reporting
  • Data at the heart of your decision making
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Benefit Administrator Solutions

Easier EDI starts here. EnrollmentPlus offers Benefit Administrators a faster and more cost effective way to deliver electronic enrollments to hundreds of Carriers.

  • Extensive library of Carrier connections
  • Cost efficient EDI that scales affordably
  • Self-Service testing tools
  • Complete visibility into your enrollment history
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SoftCare Advantage

For more than 20 years SoftCare has developed and provided our customers with solutions that have successfully addressed their interoperability needs relating to HIPAA, EDI, Clearinghouse Services, Systems Integration and Secure Data Communications. Our service professionals are leaders in health information technology and business process design. We truly understand your unique challenges and can translate that knowledge into cost-effective, responsive solutions.

Trusted Security

We’ll manage everything! SoftCare’s SaaS based solutions run on SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPAA complaint infrastructure. We employ the highest levels of security, encryption and authentication. Your data is always protected, both at rest and in transit, using sophisticated encryption tools.

EDI Expertise

We help you to drive down the cost of EDI and realize an immediate return on your investment. Our team of enrollment experts truly understand your unique challenges and can translate that knowledge into cost-effective solutions.

Data Driven Decision Making

Our sophisticated business intelligence tools help you to make better business decisions based on your enrollment data. Easy to understand reports focus on those key measures that count for your business so that your teams are not overwhelmed by data.

API Integrations

Join the API revolution. Connect in real-time with your partners using today's most secure and up-to-date integrations methods.

Pennies Per Life

EDI processing should not be expensive. EnrollmentPlus can drastically cut your technology support and data remediation costs for only pennies per-life. Using our SaaS based solution, you no longer need to build out your own costly EDI department or support expensive infrastructure.

100% Clean Data

Data issues slow down the enrollment process and cost you money. EnrollmentPlus' sophisticated Rules Engine scrubs your data using 100s of validation rules to ensure your enrollments are 100% clean each and every time.

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